Personal Training

12628468_492275624278812_8959389376703553859_oPersonal Training is what gives you (the athlete) and the coach a deeper understanding of the intended focus and direction necessary to achieve your desired training outcome.

One-on-one training isn’t exclusively for people competing at a very high level in sports or with debilitating injuries that require very focused attention but rather for anybody and everybody looking to improve any aspect of their fitness; be it specific skills, physiologic adaptations, nutritional quality, behavior modification…you name it. The personal guidance received from one-on-one training will increase the likelihood that your goals will be reached.

After a phone consultation and completion of a Lifestyle Survey, an initial assessment will be administered to gain understanding of program direction. Each program is completely specialized and tailored to the individual (down to the smallest subtleties).


Single Session
$55 for members
$70 for non-members

$150 for members
$195 for non-members
*Expires four weeks after purchase date

$270 for members
$360 for non-members
*Expires eight weeks after purchase date

$480 for members
$660 for non-members
*Expires sixteen weeks after purchase date

If you are curious as to whether or not personal training would benefit you, please contact us at info(at) or call (503) 665-5674.