Adventure Crossfit Videos

Fixing the overhead press

The Ultimate Shoulder Warm Up

Save your shoulders from injury with this little gem of a warm up.

Bucket Lid Fitness

It only takes one dollar to get a great workout and here is how...


Here is how to make your core stronger and create stability to allow for safe and healthy movemen

Trunk Stability Test

Try this test to see if your core is strong enough to face the challenges of the real world!

Fixing Your Shoulders

Here is a simple way to make your shoulders hurt less and become much stronger in over head posit

Is your fitness hurting you?

This video adresses whether or not you are taking the necessary steps to providing yourself with

Workout Anywhere

This 10 minute AMRAP works the entire body and can be performed anywhere in the long a

Morning Energy

This is a quick flow for morning energy and alertness.

Mid Back Strength Exercises

This video is for people in need of strengthening their middle back to improve posture and should

Tuesday s Tip: Raw Veggies

Why eat raw veggies?

Thoughts for Thursday 3/9/16

You ever get overwhelmed or irritated? Answer yes because you're a human being. Give this a t

7 Ways To Improve Sleep

Functional Fitness Bootcamp

Mobility Monday Lazy Stretching Series

5 Reasons Track Your Training

The More You Know Alcohol

This video is about The More You Know-Alcohol.

Fun Fact Friday: Intermittent Fasting

This video is about how and why a person would try to fast.

Why Grass Fed Beef?

Grass Fed Beef.

Duck Foot Fix

If you notice that your feet always seem to turn out then maybe you have some tight hamstrings th

Turkish Get Up

Welcome to Basecamp Fitness

Functional Fitness, becoming healthy that goes beyond the gym and the local race...its about doin

Food Bank Run and WOD

On 23 Jan 2016, We have created a 2-4 mile circuit where you will walk/run, lift, push, pull, swe