We share a 6,000 square foot facility with Rare Earth Adventures, an outdoor adventure company that guides trips around Portland and beyond.

As our partner, they give discounts to Adventure CrossFit members on all of their trips and events, which includes guided backpacking expeditions, night photography treks, wilderness survival clinics and other fun stuff.

Additionally, Rare Earth Adventures often organizes free weekend hikes (with on-the-trail exercises) just for Adventure CrossFit members, which means you don’t have to miss a beautiful Saturday morning because you’re in the gym. Instead, you can meet us on the trail!

Our state of the art facility also includes all the best equipment for group weightlifting classes, plus a rock wall and campus board for anyone who wants to get better at rock climbing. We also incorporate movements like rope climbs, sand bag carries and other strongman movements to prepare you for outdoor activities.

By partnering with Rare Earth Adventures and providing a program that is designed to be TRULY functional, members are equipped with the tools needed to use their fitness “beyond the barbell” and do what they once thought to be impossible. You can’t climb a mountain without taking that first step and at Adventure CrossFit, we will help you put one foot in front of the other. We challenge all the members of our community to do something incredible.

Contact Us

Call us at: 503.665.5674
Email us at: info(at)
Or drop by: 906 NW Corporate Dr, Troutdale, OR 97060


Drop-in’s ($15): Please call before you arrive so we can discuss your previous/current training.